When YOU Arrive!


I just don’t understand how some people can live day to day without goals, aspirations, plans, expectancy, motivation, etc. as they live redundant lives deeming these without’s to be a normal mindset! My statement is not the norm of saying these people are nothing, will never be nothing, but my question is, what has caused one to enter into such a state of mind?

My statement of inspiration is: YOU are your goals, aspirations, plans, expectancy, and motivation! Stop living a complacent redundant life because this is not normal because there is more of YOU that YOU can offer to yourself! Step out, alter your thinking, and rise up, so YOU can meet the real amazing YOU!

If YOU never take time out to present YOU to YOU, how can YOU expect to present YOU to the world? Live everyday expecting to get to know YOU better than the day before! Get to know YOU and your goals, expectations, desires, etc. so that YOU will know how to make the ground shake when your arrival is made known to the world! YOU have so much potential to offer to YOU within the unlimited opportunities of this world to make a far greater impact than YOU can ever began to imagine!

The world has been waiting far too long on your awesomeness, creativeness, & uniqueness to arrive! YOU pave the way of your grand entrance because YOU will be so elated when YOU decide to arrive! Stop knowing of YOU and Start getting to know YOU!

When YOU arrive, the world will stop to look because YOU have finally displayed your book! Your book will tell how YOU are the cook of your life and made choices to not be taken behind the cloud that covers the radiance of the beauty of inner YOU! All at the same time, the sun is so brightly shining, the stars are gleaming through the moonlight glow, and even the rainbow is highlighted in bold glistening pots of gold, will proclaim that YOU have arrived!

When YOU arrive, when YOU arrive, O, how beautiful it will be, when YOU arrive! The world will embrace YOU but most importantly, YOU will embrace YOU because YOU simply decided to arrive!

Published by

Shinequa Reddick Pierce

I believe in being able to be motivated through positive speaking and inspirational quotations. We only get a chance at life once and it is totally up to us to determine how uplifting and fulfilling it will be. I am a natural born motivator and encourager and it brings me much joy by making and seeing others happy by even the smallest act of kindness rather it be through actions, words, or simply a heart warming smile. Inspire Yourself will encourage one to do just that as opposed to waiting on others to do it. This is a great experience and my goal is to reach everyone without any limitations to help make a positive difference in the lives of others through my inspirational writings that comes from my God given gift to write it from my heart.