20150609_213241I wanted to share this self-inspiration of my daughter being inspired to learn how to plait her own hair with added hair extensions!   This is a great example of us as individuals inspiring ourselves to maximize the potential of our talents and gifts!  She had to first believe in herself that she could do her own hair.  Once she believed it, she was motivated and encouraged to achieve it!  Self-Inspiration doesn’t wait on others to define us and it takes the limits off of our capabilities!  Tap into your gifts and talents and watch them cultivate by you simply showering them with your, not anyone else’s,  self-inspiration!

Tough Love


Tough Love is a different kind of love that we must all embrace at some point in our lives.  It expresses a genuine concern for us individually, rather we have to receive it or rather we have to give it.  This love shapes and molds us to become better individuals.  We began to view life itself and all that it consists of, from a different perspective, when we meet Tough Love.  This change in our mindsets leads us to prioritize and focus on becoming more appreciative of life and people.  Tough Love allows us to stop taking life and people for granted.  It allows us to become responsible and productive individuals that can contribute back to those who have instilled and invested in our lives.

Tough Love can be given or received!  We need to learn how to receive it so that we can reciprocate it when it is time to give it.  Tough Love doesn’t only deal with the issues between a parent and a child because it is typical of many adults and must be applied to them as well.  Don’t become closed minded and just apply Tough Love to those who you have deemed to need it.  Individually, we are not exclusive or overlooked, because Tough Loves applies to each of us.  We need to embrace it when it arrives in our lives so that we can become better and not bitter!  Tough Love, tells us, that we will no longer live under the assumption, that we have entitlements that are to be handed to us, without us having to work to earn them.  Tough Love becomes all inclusive when we take the self-examination and realize that we are sometimes the ones who needs to receive it the most.

Tough Love addresses anyone that needs to be given their wings to fly so that they can be released from their acclimated nest.  Yes, we do need to be released from our own nests too!  What does a nest look like?  A nest is any situation in which we enable ourselves or others from becoming responsible for the actions that we have chosen to make and take in our lives.  We have held our hands and the hands of others for so long that we can’t recognize that release season has arrived!  We have to become keen in recognizing the season so that we will be released from the nest at the exact timing!

Tough Love affords an opportunity to allow us as well as others to be released into our destinies!  We learn to solely become disabled from the nest so that self-sufficiency and independence can take root!  Once, this happens, we are now embracing a state of mind maturity because we can identify with our lack of responsibilities and our downfalls.  Tough Love is not created to make life hard for us.  We must learn to receive it, to give it, and to apply it to our lives.  We will then reap the positive entitlements of Tough Love that we have so diligently planted and allowed to take root so that we can become entitled to the harvest that it has produced.  Tough Love is an extraordinary love that is needed at some point in our lives rather we need to receive it or rather we need to give it!




Believe in Yourself

Believe is a powerful word that empowers you to celebrate yourself!  You believe in everything and almost anything with the exceptions of yourself.  When it comes to you believing in yourself, you began to self-doubt that your dreams and goals are attainable.  You believe that no one will support your vision but it has already been ordained that some will carry the torch of what you believe in and some simply won’t.  You must keep on believing until your dreams and visions began to flourish.  As they began to flourish, those that believe in you will began to blossom.

You have to believe in yourself and not abandon your dreams and what you have envisioned them to be.  You have to challenge yourself to not lose sight of your beliefs in spite of how circumstances look around you or those beyond your control.  You must heartedly believe and never stop believing in yourself, in your dreams, and in your visions.  If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?

You must be empowered to visualize what you believe in and let that strength become the motivation to turn your dreams and visions into reality!  Today, not tomorrow, is the day that you no longer have self-doubt and self-disbelief in your dreams and visions becoming alive!  Never allow anyone or anything to stop you from Believing in Yourself!


Enough is Enough

We encounter many things in life with many people that leads us into all types of circumstances.  We often don’t want to be in these circumstances and began to think how did we get into such a place in our lives?  Once we ask this question and began to ponder on the many details of our lives, then we can decide that Enough is Enough.  How much longer do we want to reside at these circumstances in our lives?  When will our Enough be Enough?

Enough is Enough is based on how we allow others to control us directly and indirectly and remember that it can be physically, emotionally, verbally, and mentally.  It is time for us to live a life in which we stop denying ourselves!  This is hazardous and it leads to us not living a life of full  potential!  When enough is enough, we began to reevaluate our lives so that we can make sound judgement in who needs to partake in it and who needs to be cut off immediately.  Cut off immediately may sound a bit harsh but for the most part, those people have been clutching on to us and we have not made any returns on our investments with them!  Aren’t we ready to earn some interest on our investments?  Yes, we are!

We must now look at where we are investing our self-worth.  We have to put a stop to people using us up for what we have to offer and this is not only focused on monies but most importantly, our time!  Time is of essence, it’s valuable, and we can’t gain it back from whom we freely give it too!  We must stop selling ourselves short and falling for anything and anybody!  We must acquire wisdom and use it so that we will know when we have reached Enough is Enough.  Wisdom also helps us to not return to such a place ever again.

Make the decision today that Enough is Enough!  Let’s began to speak to ourselves!  We will no longer allow ourselves to be preyed upon to become victims of unworthiness!  We will invest ourselves so that we can get a great return on our investments!  We will no longer remain in the same circumstances that has hindered us reaching life’s potential!  We will no longer waste our time because we can’t get it back!  We will immediately let go of all people, places, and things that have no place in our lives in spite of how long they have become a resident in our lives!  We serve the EVICTION NOTICE effective now!

Now that we have arrived at Enough is Enough:  Who, What, When, Where, and How we spend our time is very imperative.  We have become of value to ourselves and can now maximize our full potential because we have gained interest on our self-worth!  We have allowed our partakers to become participators and motivators in our lives as opposed to spectators and dictators.  Enough is Enough is for us to individually evaluate our lives and make all the necessary changes in it.  We are now soaring like eagles because there is no more weight on our wings!  Fly On, Fly On, to all of life’s destinations as we are finally prepared to meet and greet our potential.  We have made sound judgment and used sound wisdom that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Make Every Moment of Your Being Count

Why do you live? Why do you exist? Who really knows you? Do you really know yourself? Do you make every moment of your being count? These questions are self-centered because they are centered on you. As you ponder on them, keep yourself in mind! We live because we have a purpose to fulfill that no one else can fulfill for us. Don’t wake up every day to only exist! Get some understanding about yourself so that you will gain an awareness of why your being should count.

Many will ask and have asked: Why do you live? Why do you exist? Who knows you? How important or unimportant are you in this world? I encourage you to stop allowing others to define and answer these questions for you! There is something extraordinary about you that deserves for you to live above the ordinary. Once your self-antennas get tuned into your being, you will know that you weren’t created just to be created! Don’t waste your time and efforts with people or things that will not accentuate your being.

You live because you have a destined purpose to fulfill! You exist because only you can fulfill your destined purpose! Those people that have been orchestrated to partake in your destined purpose, really knows you! Yes, you do know yourself because you met yourself before anyone else did!

The nations of the world is screaming and cheering you on as they anxiously await for the moment of your true being to arrive! Once you arrive, make a grand entrance simply because you know why you live, you know why you exist, you know who really knows you, you know yourself, and because you know what you know, you have just began to walk into your destined purpose. Live in your very own uniqueness and know that only you have the power and the authority to make every moment of your being count!



Detaching From Your Anger

Anger is a red flag that we must identify with as individuals. It brings an awareness that we have issues within us that we must address. These issues stem from the root of our souls. Anger is not a normal behavior or feeling in spite of how long we may have adapted to it.

Why are we angry? Who are we angry with? How long have we been angry? These are several questions that only we as individuals can answer. We must then answer these questions truthfully and then accept the answers not looking beyond ourselves. After we have done this, then we can move forward with setting up a resolution plan to address our anger issues and patterns.

Well, what does a resolution plan consist of? It consist of first, realizing where the root of our anger is stemming from. Secondly, coming to terms with asking ourselves, is this held on anger, beneficial to our relationships in its many capacities?  Lastly, we must understand the hurts we have done to ourselves by choosing not to forgive and move forward in our daily lives and relationships.

Once we have thoroughly identified with our resolution plan, we can’t look back at the past or try to figure out what we did right or wrong.  Only the decision that we have made to resolve this anger is what matters now!  Moving forward means that we may have to do some apologizing rather we were right or wrong which is not the issue at hand.  The issue at hand is resolving the anger so that we can live a life of fullness that consists of love, joy, peace, and happiness because we are no longer allowing that spirit of anger to live within us.  We must not be concerned with rather or not others will receive us or our apologies.  Our actions to identify with our anger and to release it, is for the betterment of us and not others!

If we allow the red flag of anger to continue to hang in our lives, we have just become victims of self-inflicted anger and we are now in a state of imminent danger!  This danger of our anger, will have us clinging to a hanger, and looking for ranger rescue because we simply refuse to release it from the state of our hearts, our minds, and our souls.  We must choose to release this anger at this present moment in spite of how we minimize or maximize it as a means to justify its continued stay!  Anger impacts our lives negatively in many aspects and from many perspectives!  The same diligence that we put into holding onto our anger is the same diligence and more that is required to release our anger.   Walk therein into a state of gladness and not madness and watch the doors of opportunity open diversely in every area of our lives!

Helping Others

When we extend a hand to help others, we are indirectly setting ourselves up to be blessed.  We must stop being so self-centered and selfish and lend our hands more often in order to be a blessing to others.  There is no harm in helping others because we never know when someone will have to extend help to us.  Help is not always monetary so please don’t take on that mindset that others are just interested in your money!  This is absolutely the worst way that we can shun from being a help to others.  We must guard our hearts and minds from automatically taking on this negative assumption!

Help comes in many forms such as time, prayers, love, phone calls, sending greeting cards, house cleaning, cooking, etc. to just name a few.  We must simply take the time out to deny ourselves and be a light that inspires, encourages, and motivates others along life’s journey.  When we avail ourselves to the needs and assistance of others, we become the light that beams through life’s turmoil that says better days are coming, night’s will not always be this long, and I have the strength to endure as I prepare for my destined future!  Helping others sincerely does make the world brighter.  As we freely abandon ourselves to offer helping hands; we began the process of leaving positive imprints in the lives of others.



When the Odds Are Against You

What do you do when you have done all that you know and dream to do? Do you give up and throw in your hard work, dedication, sweat, and tears and make it count for nothing? ABSOLUTELY NOT! You look at the odds and set up an action plan that will make them the norms in your life. Make the odds against you the norms for you! In order to be an overcomer of the odds against you, those odds in all shapes, forms, and people need to conform to your norm!

Strive harder so that you don’t get stuck into a mindset that will have you to believe and receive that there is nothing more you can do because all of the odds are against you. Odds that rise up against you and present themselves as an obstacle, is the one and only red flag that you identify with that tells your heart and mind that I am equipped and destined to stay on the course of my journey. The blue print of my plans will not let the odds be a deterrent to me.

When the odds are against you, you shall prevail in making them identify with the individual uniqueness of your life’s blueprint! They will align to your specifics and not your specifics becoming an ally with the odds that attempt to work so diligently against you. Rise up as the odds are now working for you! Take charge and pursue everything that you have allowed the odds to stop you from acting upon! Remember, when the odds are against you, you have the power to make them work for your life’s journey and all that it entails!

Dead Ends Leads To New Beginnings

Are you tired of the dead ends in your life?  Dead end jobs, dead end relationships, dead end resources, etc.  Your life doesn’t have to consist of dead ends because you have the opportunity to inspire yourself and turn those dead ends into unlimited positive opportunities in your life! First, be honest with yourself and identify the dead ends in your life.  Once you have identified the dead ends in your life, begin to think about how you can turn them into unlimited positive opportunities.   

For instance, being on a job with no opportunity for growth or expansion is a dead job.  One key point to keep in mind is that when you are evaluating dead end relationships, the unlimited opportunities set in once you remove those people from your life!  Evaluate your current resources and deeply evaluate them to see if they can add any value to your future opportunities and if they don’t, they are dead end resources.

Don’t allow another moment to pass you by and you remain in a dead end stage of your life because you are yet alive!  Wake up and visualize your start to a new beginning by walking into your future positive opportunities!