When YOU Arrive!


I just don’t understand how some people can live day to day without goals, aspirations, plans, expectancy, motivation, etc. as they live redundant lives deeming these without’s to be a normal mindset! My statement is not the norm of saying these people are nothing, will never be nothing, but my question is, what has caused one to enter into such a state of mind?

My statement of inspiration is: YOU are your goals, aspirations, plans, expectancy, and motivation! Stop living a complacent redundant life because this is not normal because there is more of YOU that YOU can offer to yourself! Step out, alter your thinking, and rise up, so YOU can meet the real amazing YOU!

If YOU never take time out to present YOU to YOU, how can YOU expect to present YOU to the world? Live everyday expecting to get to know YOU better than the day before! Get to know YOU and your goals, expectations, desires, etc. so that YOU will know how to make the ground shake when your arrival is made known to the world! YOU have so much potential to offer to YOU within the unlimited opportunities of this world to make a far greater impact than YOU can ever began to imagine!

The world has been waiting far too long on your awesomeness, creativeness, & uniqueness to arrive! YOU pave the way of your grand entrance because YOU will be so elated when YOU decide to arrive! Stop knowing of YOU and Start getting to know YOU!

When YOU arrive, the world will stop to look because YOU have finally displayed your book! Your book will tell how YOU are the cook of your life and made choices to not be taken behind the cloud that covers the radiance of the beauty of inner YOU! All at the same time, the sun is so brightly shining, the stars are gleaming through the moonlight glow, and even the rainbow is highlighted in bold glistening pots of gold, will proclaim that YOU have arrived!

When YOU arrive, when YOU arrive, O, how beautiful it will be, when YOU arrive! The world will embrace YOU but most importantly, YOU will embrace YOU because YOU simply decided to arrive!

American Cancer Society’s Stride for Breast Cancer

Team Inspire Yourself is still seeking participators for this great cause and event!  We need walkers and/or donators.  Registration is free and donations can be made in any amount directly to the American Cancer Society.  Please let me know if you are interested and thank you in advance for your support!  americanCancerSociety

Conquering The Struggles of Life


The journey of life is amazing but it does present struggles throughout it!  These struggles come unexpected, will knock us off our feet, and will have us wanting to give up and throw in the towel as a method of escape.  We have financial struggles, relationship struggles (in its variety of forms), health struggles, spiritual struggles, and even struggles within ourselves that we constantly battle with.

There are moments when we question God and ask Him why do we have to struggle so much and for how long?  What did we do to deserve the struggles when we appear to be better than some of the worst with our character and actions? What do we do? Where do we go from here?

The harder we try to come out of the rut(s), the deeper we seem to fall in them.  When we seem to rise above our struggles, it only lasts temporarily.  We have no sustainability and no way of escape as it appears that our struggles are constantly attacking us in full force.  These attacks are so intense that it feels like the shake of a powerful earthquake.  We are faced with how to conquer these struggles of life.

So now we start to ponder, ask questions, and try to formulate a plan that in which conquering is the center of.

We first must began to evaluate our struggles to see what can feasibly be done to address them.  We must then address them head on! Sometimes this hurts because it brings out the truth of the matter, especially, when it concerns those familiar people, places, and things that we have become accustomed to dealing with.  Next, we must formulate a realistic and workable plan that will work directly towards those people, places, and things that we are struggling to overcome.  We must be real with ourselves and face all necessary realities. If we fail to do so, we are setting ourselves up to fail becoming overcomers of life’s struggles.  Finally, we must revisit, reevaluate, and make any amendments to our plan.  This will sometimes entail the identification of new causes and people that negatively affect and present as a struggle obstacle.  Be mindful that as part of this process, we may fall and even seem to hit a brick wall but we must not lay dormant and refuse to rise up!

The most important part of any struggle is the rising up after the fall! Each time we rise with more power and strength to conquer life’s struggles.  In spite of the obstacles that life brings to us and during these times, we can’t seem to see beyond our circumstances, we must remain steadfast! It is then and only then that we are actively “Conquering Life’s Struggles”!

No More Shame!


We often hear the word shame and connect it to a negative connotation that we have done something so wrong until there is no point of return. Shame doesn’t mean all the time that we have necessarily done something wrong. There are times when others have done things to us or around us that has brought about shame upon us. So because of us being affiliated in some type of manner, people tend to always directly link us to the shame that was brought about.

It doesn’t matter what type of shame it was or even how and when it happened because it is now past tense. What does matter, is that we don’t allow others to shun us and have us walking around with our heads hung low as a disgrace among others! People tend to think and believe that knowing the worth of one’s shame is a hot topic that is always up for discussion. Little do they know, there is no worth in the continuous attempt to cultivate someone else’s shame! If we can live past our shame, others can too and we have to make them respect this fact!

Shame shall not be a continued interference in the way that we live our everyday lives! How much longer will we allow others to dictate the way we carry our shameful actions or those of others? It stops now as people have no authoritative right to constantly remind us of what we have shamefully did or what others have shamefully did to us and around us. We can no longer afford people the right to intrude in our lives in this manner.

Our shamefulness at any level, doesn’t place others above us nor should we even allow others to think and feel this way. We must learn to live beyond the disgrace of what has happened. We will never be able to live in the present and prepare for our future if we allow others to assist us in living with the shames of our past! Whatever our shames are, we deserve to live happily after we have chosen to appropriately live past them!


Fullness of Life


We win some, We lose some, We gain some, but most importantly, We must know when to let go of some! There comes a time in our lives when we have to detach from our attachments rather it being people or things. These people and things are attached to us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We have to ponder the following questions: What is the purpose of the attachment in our lives and does it allow us to experience Fullness of Life?

Everyone and everything that is attached to our lives should bring about an opportunity of positive enhancement so that we can experience Fullness of Life! We must evaluate the level of dormancy in our lives and those people and things that we continue to allow to lay dormant in our lives. In order for us to have Fullness of Life, we must exit the door of dormancy and enter into the door of expectation.

Well, what are we expecting? We are expecting our inheritance and entitlement to live a life of fullness no matter what life has thrown on our path to deal with. In spite of some things being very rough, we were not consumed. We have been several places in life and dealt with all kinds of emotions, and felt all kinds of feelings but we are still entitled to Fullness of Life.

Let’s change our thinking so that our mindset will be focused on the consumption of fullness. If we can think it, we can believe it! If we can believe it, we can receive it!

Fullness of Life is destined for each of us and we are, not anyone else, are responsible to ensure that we live in our destiny of fullness. Please remember, everyone’s fullness does not look the same so we must not base or compare our fullness of life to someone else’s. We are all individual and unique with different ideas, goals, expectations, standards, etc. This simply means that, there is no way possible, that our fullness of life can look identical the same. Be creative and envision your very own Fullness of Life!

Remember, We win some, We lose some, We gain some, but most importantly, We must know when to let go of some! Detach from the garden of emptiness and blossom into the tree of fullness! Fullness of Life is our utopia in which love, joy, peace, happiness, and strength welcomes us to a life of fullness! Fullness of Life is waiting for us and we must embark on it now! Let us all embrace the Fullness of Life because it’s our inheritance, our entitlement, and most of all, our destiny!



Stand is a powerful word that we all can identify with. It simply asks the question, can we remain standing when life’s issues began to take a toll on us?  We must remain standing no matter how hard and trying life becomes and appears to be working against us!  Stand deals with the inner being of us individually and spiritually! In order for us to be able to stand during these times, we must seek prayer and spiritual guidance so that we rise above the matters at hand.

We must STAND when we are depressed!  We must STAND when we are oppressed!  We must STAND when we are hurt!  We must STAND when we are broke! We must STAND when we are sick!  We must STAND when we are broken!  We must STAND when we are on the brink of suicide! We must STAND when there is nothing left for us to do!  Even though we fight and appear to be falling down, we are not!  We are literally wavering with the issues and matters at hand and as long as we stand, we will never be overtaken and come to a fall!

Stand is self-motivation and encouragement to our inner beings. At times, we may have to cry in order to stand!  We may have to withdraw from people in order to stand!  People will never fully become acclimated and understand our stance but we must not become acclimated to the stance that they believe we should take or accept their understanding concerning us individually!

Stand lets us know that no matter how hard the battle is, we are able to endure it. We were already predestined to be victors and not victims!  We must press our way and stand even when we began to ask those self-directed questions such as: Why do I have to go through so much pain? Why do I have to struggle all the time? Why do I have to lack all the time? Why do I have so much sadness? Why do I have so much unhappiness?

Question after question, but we must still stand beyond the all the why’s even when it is dragging us into a deep hole of depression and we dress the outside as if everything is okay. With the truth being told, it’s not all okay! We are tired and tired of standing when it seems like love, peace, joy, happiness, and surplus keeps passing us by.  My God, My Lord, have you forgotten about us or how much longer will it be before you remember us?

We have had incidents and situations that we can’t shake, move pass, and we toss and turn with sleepless nights while our minds are running marathons and our souls are not at rest! We don’t have the resources to right our wrongs but we still struggle to stand!  By the grace and mercy of God, we’re able to stand because He is our light and our salvation and we trust Him regarding our lives and the issues of our hearts that are hidden from the world of people.

Be encouraged to STAND, STAND, STAND, STAND, AND STAND! In all that we have to go through and endure, we will come out saying, we had the strength and power in spite of, to STAND!



Investing in Yourself


You are worthy of self-investment!  Why not receive a return on your own unique investment?  If you don’t, who will?  I inspire you on today to Invest in Yourself because the world is waiting on your arrival and all that you have to offer!  No matter how many supporters you have, continue to believe and Invest in Yourself!  Never give up as giving up is not an option for self-investment.

You will strike the interest of many people, near and far, and they too will motivate and encourage you to continue to Invest in Yourself!  They will step into an awareness of your destiny and who you really are! People will begin to plant seeds into your investment because they have never experienced anyone quite as yourself! They will believe in your vision and began to visualize your mission and realize that your self-investment is worthy of their precious time and their valuable resources.

They will see the fruits of your labor as you remained steadfast while Investing in Yourself.  As a recipient of your very own self-investment, seize the opportunity, to make it a worthy return, not only for others, but most importantly, for you!  No matter where you are in this walk of life, you have a right and duty to begin Investing in Yourself!

Thank You!


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Yours Truly,

Shinequa Reddick Pierce

When The Rains Pour


Do you ever feel like the rains of life pour on you and at times cease to even stop?  These rains come when you finally say or feel like you have stabilized issues in your life rather it being bills, job, or family.  These rains, in most instances,  come unexpectedly and at times make you want to cry, give up, have a pity party, and leave you looking for words of explanation.  So do we get stuck here and continuously get drained by the out pour?


Get up, evaluate your situations, and think about a workable plan to defeat those rains that you don’t want to continue to fall on you.  We must first realize that our situations are not irreversible because we have the power to reverse them and make them work for the good of us holistically in all areas of our lives.  Be encouraged and embrace those unplanned rains of life because they come to make us stronger so that we don’t get flooded out by them.  We shall prevail, when the rains of life began to pour!